The 3 Day Fundamentals school is the ultimate school to get your game on the right path. The program runs from 8:30-4:30 daily and includes all aspects of the game including full swing, short game; side hill/downhill lies, on course instruction and use of launch monitor. The school also includes extensive video analysis most of which is filmed on course, where your true golfer comes out.

The course also includes video and computer analysis to help clarify any thoughts or misconceptions you may have, as well as, a detailed plan for continuing improvement on a take home DVD. This class is limited to 3 students to take advantage of personalized instruction and plenty of time to answer any and all questions.




2 Day Short Game School (Up and Down School) (8:30-12:30)


One of the biggest differences in great players to average players is the short game. 65% of your game is generally from 65 yards and in. Essentially if you truly want to lower your scores you need to prove all aspects of your short game. In this school you will learn how to hit wedges solid and closer to the hole, chip with greater consistency, lower your average putts per round, and finally get out of bunkers with ease. You will also learn some valuable trouble shots around the greens as well as, fun games to practice to sharpen your skills. This class is limited to 3 students to have time to answer all your short game questions.




2 Day Practice and Play (8:30-12:30)


The 2 Day Practice and Play includes 8 hours of instruction. This program is perfect for learning the fundamentals that over time will improve your performance. Instruction in this program is focused on the full swing as well as, the short game. Computer and video analysis, along with a take home DVD will allow you to retain all of your new information as well as, your drills for continuing improvement.




Women’s Golf School (9:00-3:00)


Regardless of your skill level this school is an enjoyable, relaxed way to learn the fundamentals of the golf swing and short game to help you become more relaxed on the golf course and lower your scores. This 3 day school will provide easy drills and steps to the full swing to facilitate the learning process. With a maximum of 8 ladies it creates a unique learning environment that allows for maximum retention. The school will also include tools required for measuring out yardages for each of your clubs as well as, computer and video analysis and a take home DVD that will assist in getting the most out of the school.




One Day Schools (Half Day/Full Day)


Whether you choose to take advantage of the half day school, which is three hours or the full day school that is five hours this is the one day program that is perfect to lower your scores. Each student will receive a video of their golf swings that includes the student’s original swing, new swing and drills for continued improvement. The school also includes use of some of the game’s best technology such as TrackMan and Tomi Putting System. For attending the school you will have unlimited use of the range for the day, lunch and a Jason Guss Golf Academy Hat.






A great way to show appreciation for your group is to give them a little instruction before their round. These will be tips that will help each student with their round that day. Have a JGGA instructor on the tee an hour before your group tees off. This will include video analysis and other great technology used by the academy.



Please call the Jason Guss Golf Academy at (989) 619-0734.


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